Living Goodness will be out and about in Auckland this weekend doing tastings at selected Farro Fresh stores.  Farro Fresh was the very first store that brought our fermented food range having spotted us at Hobsonville Market, thank you Farro Fresh we’re extremely grateful for your support.

So if you’re keen to try some fermented foods, some Sassy Sauerkraut or Heartbeet Kraut we’ll be at the following stores:

Grey Lynn             Friday 3 - 6pm
Mt Wellington       Saturday 11 - 2pm
North Shore          Sunday 11 - 2pm

And for a great recipe using Sum Yum Kimchi check out Farro Fresh’s Korean Buddha Bowl – yum!


It's our second birthday and we're extremely excited! The last year has seen our New Zealand-based fermented foods business grow beyond our expectations.

The move into Rosebank Road in Avondale was a fantastic step, giving us the space to grow and produce more fermented goodness like Sassy Sauerkraut and Heartbeet Kraut. We’ve been stunned that our biggest seller in New Zealand is the Sum Yum Kimchi - Kiwis really love this spicy fermented dish!

We’ve employed some fantastic staff in the kitchen and to help with managing the stores – a huge thank you to them all for their input in developing Living Goodness as New Zealand's favourite fermented food brand.

An even bigger thank you to all our stores and customers who buy Living Goodness. We hope we can continue to grow and bring you tasty fermented foods.

Over the last few years, we've definitely seen a demand in the New Zealand market for fermented foods and probiotic products. Many people with dietary problems have reached out to us, letting us know how our fermented foods have helped their gut health immensely. It's a great feeling to be able to provide such a healthy, tasty product for hungry New Zealanders, and also spread awareness about how fermented foods should be a delicious staple in everyone's diet.

Lastly, in light of our birthday, we’ll be holding a Facebook competition and giving away a SECRET new product very soon! We can only say it's a new type of fermented food that you've not tried yet.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Living Goodness Facebook page to be in to win!


During April, the Living Goodness team headed down to the South Island of New Zealand to attend the Christchurch Food Show, and what a great time we had! Fermented foods flew off our shelves! Can’t believe it’s been a month since then.

We had a lot of fun meeting new people and having them come visit our Living Goodness stand. We enjoyed chatting about the wonders of Sum Yum Kimchi and Sassy Sauerkraut. It was refreshing to be able to hear other people’s stories and learn how fermented foods and live probiotics have become such a staple in their diet.

There were some really fascinating exhibitors that we enjoyed, such as Proper Crisps and Fresh As – both offering delicious snacks!

Peter was even brave enough to try a new powdered turmeric brand, The Original Turmerix, and although he didn’t quite have a taste for the vibrant spice, it certainly gave him the energy to bounce through the rest of the day, dishing out samples of our fermented products to hungry visitors!

We’d like to thank Bridget, who was a lifesaver at helping us out.

If you missed seeing us at the Christchurch Food Show, don't despair! New Zealand loves a good food show, and there's plenty more in the works!

Keep your eyes peeled at Auckland’s Healthy Food Guide LIVE event, running May 20-21. There'll be delicious sampling of all our fermented foods. We’re giving away four tickets for this, so stay tuned on our Facebook page.


The Living Goodness team have armed themselves with crates upon crates of fermented foods, and are on their way to New Zealand's South Island.

We're thrilled to be attending The Food Show in Christchurch next month. Come along and try our Sum Yum Kimchi, our Sassy Sauerkraut or some of our Heartbeat Kraut. All our jars of fermented foods are packed with a wide variety of tasty ingredients, herbs and lovely live bacteria - lots of yum for your tum.

And to celebrate, we're giving away two free tickets to the show.  Check out our Facebook page, share the post with a friend by Tuesday 28th March, and you'll be in with a chance to win. 

The winner will be picked next Wednesday 29th March 17.


With Summer finally here it’s time to get the BBQ out and there’s nothing better than combining the flavours of your favourite meat with some Living Goodness!

To celebrate we want to know what your favourite Living Goodness + Meat match is.

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2,000 people ill in Havelock North with the gastro bug campylobacter – that’s bad bacteria winning!

Human bodies are amazing, we’re made up of thousands and thousands of different types of bacteria, some good and some bad.  In the gut alone there can be between 300 and 1000 different types!

Campylobacter is particularly bad bacteria, it affects the digestive system causing diarrhoea, stomach and muscle pains, headaches and can lead to a course of antibiotics.  Antibiotics although very effective are indiscriminate killers of bacteria and they kill both the good and the bad.

So what needs to happen? Rebalance.

Rebalancing the bacteria in your system by introducing good bacteria allows for a battle between the good and bad – which hopefully the good wins.  Good bacteria come in the form of pre & probiotics.

Prebiotics are food for probiotics and can be found in insoluble fibre such as raw vegetables and fruit. 

Probiotics are lactic acid producing bacteria that have a beneficial impact when eaten.  Lactic acid producing bacteria can be found in live, not pasteurised or shelf stable fermented food and probiotic pills.

So here’s a few steps that can help you rebalance the bacteria in your system;

  • Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruit – organic if you can
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid sugar – this is yummy food for bad bacteria
  • Eat fermented food – this is live good bacteria
  • Listen to and be gentle with your body - it will tell you what's working and what isn't


Thanks Woop lovely to do a collaboration with you.  WOOP makes cooking easy! Each Sunday they deliver all the fresh & pre-prepared ingredients you need to cook 3 delicious dinners in just 15 minutes!  We provided them with some of our Sassy Sauerkraut which they paired with a pork inspired schnitzel dish.  

Our Sassy has lots of lovely, yummy, live & friendly bacteria - cabbage with some serious attitude and even better its great for your digestive system. 

Go on and give some of the sassiest Sauerkraut in New Zealand a go.


Well who would have thought it – Living Goodness is 1 year old today – happy birthday us!  Hard to believe that a year ago today we established our wonderful kraut business! 

And what a fabulous roller coaster it's has been.  We’ve moved from our landlady’s spare room to our very own premises on Rosebank Road, we’ve rebranded from Inner to Living Goodness (much better) and we’re still married!

We’re hugely grateful to everyone that’s helped us along the way and especially all our customers.

Thank you

Peter and Fiona
Kraut Rocks

To this


A big thank you to Farro Fresh for being one of the first stores to stock our products and a huge thank you to their customers for buying our kraut. In thanks we’re doing a promotion, $2 off Sassy Sauerkraut, Super Superkraut and Quick Draw Slaw this week & next. 

And if you’ve never tried sauerkraut before and you’re curious what it tastes like or you'd like to try out our flavours then come and see us at Farro Fresh this weekend.  We’ll be doing tastings at the Epsom Store on Friday from 2-6pm, Grey Lynn store Saturday from 2-6pm and Mairangi Bay on Sunday from 11-2pm.  

Pop in and get your probiotic hit.


Big news this week we’ve finally moved into our new premises on Rosebank Road and our wonderful Kraut mixer has arrived - check it out.  We've named this amazing piece of equipment Grand Masterflash after probably the finest mixer in the world. 

And so to Christmas we’ll be at a couple of additional markets over the festive season, Titirangi this Sunday 13th December and Oratia Farmers Twilight Market on the 23rd December.  Pop down to grab a Christmas Special.

Grandmaster Flash 2.JPG


Despite a few wee hiccups with stickiness and the label machine our new labels are here, and wow do they look incredible! A huge thank you to designer Roxanne at Lovely Ltd, Suzanne at Cadence Communications and copywriter Matt Weaver for helping to make this happen. We love our new look and are getting some brilliant feedback from the markets and stores.

All 6 Products in a Row – SML.jpg