Living Goodness sells their range of fermented sauerkraut and kimchi at wholesale rates in 4kg pails to cafes, restaurants and other food good food suppliers.

At present we supply Naked Sauerkraut, Heartbeet Kraut, Sassy Kraut and Sum Yum Kimchi (regular) + Sum Yum Kimchi (vegan) in 4kg pails. If the demand is there we are also able to offer you the full range, including Super Super Kraut and Quick Draw Slaw.


It’s a little known industry secret that Living Goodness also make Freeze Dried Sum Yum Kimchi and Freeze Dried Heartbeet Kraut.

Several top restaurants now stock the Living Goodness range of freeze dried products and use it as part of their culinary arsenal. We discovered something magical happens with freeze drying our fermented kimchi & kraut, producing a deliciously dense and intense flavour which makes them ideal additives to enhance the flavour of many dishes.

Dried Sum Yum Kimchi Serving Suggestion: Sprinkle over ramen or fried rice, season beef or poultry before grilling or grind finely and add to mayonnaise.

Dried Heartbeet Kraut Serving Suggestion: Sprinkle onto a leafy salad, curry, scrambled eggs, tacos, burgers, or anything fishy to add some tang.

If you would like to buy a small sample pack to try initially we are more than happy to oblige.

Some of the brands we currently supply our bulk products to:


If you are interested in purchasing any of our bulk food products
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