The benefits of a healthy attitude in life


Our Sassy Sauerkraut isn’t just a tasty side dish – it’s packed with a whole lot of healthy as well.

You’ve probably heard us harp on enough about the wonders of sauerkraut, which is packed with probiotics and goodies to stock a diamond store, but our Sassy is loaded with little bit more. You see, cabbage and salt fermented into a good kraut is a great start, but we thought we could take it to the next level.

The Sassy has a little extra attitude because alongside cabbage, it also has himalayan salt, dill, caraway seeds, and juniper berries. It isn’t just an exciting flavour either - it has extra punch in the health department too.

But how?

Juniper Berries

You’re probably most familiar with this berry as a key ingredient in your gin & tonic, but did you know it has a number of benefits in it (besides a delicious drink on a summer’s eve)? It’s understood that juniper berries may:

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Reduce heartburn

  • Fight bacteria and viruses

There are also a number of other potential benefits, but overconsumption (just like with gin) is potentially harmful, which is why we’ve made sure there’s just the right amount in our Sassy.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway isn’t just a delicious spice – although it adds a seriously tasty flavour to our Sassy. It also has a number of possible benefits such as:

  • Reducing heartburn

  • Killing bacteria

  • Relieving bloating and gas

  • Improving digestion

We really love the flavour caraway adds to our Sassy, but you can’t deny, a few extra benefits are definitely a bonus!


Dill pickles might be a modern favourite, but did you know that dill is one of the ancient herbs that were mentioned in the Bible? It’s stood the test of time when it comes to flavour, but it also is:

  • High in vitamin A and C

  • A great source of calcium

  • A source of iron, folate, and magnesium

It might be small, but it can do big things in flavour – so it’s definitely a Sassy staple!

Himalayan Salt

Although the health benefits of himalayan salt are still contested, we definitely saw the fun in using this instead of your average table variety. However, many believe that using himalayan salt instead of normal salt, has benefits such as:

  • Improved bone strength

  • Improved blood sugar health

  • Promoting healthy pH health

  • Improving digestion

And a number of other claimed benefits. We’ll leave it up to you to decide, but you can’t deny it adds a little class to the kraut.

These benefits are pretty awesome, but we can’t deny that the best part about the Sassy is its flavour. We could recommend it on almost anything, but we especially love to stick it on takeaway pizza, in our cheese toasties, and in burgers. We definitely recommend you give it a try!