Let’s be honest here, it’s hard to stick to a diet. With many food fads floating around nowadays, incorporating healthy additions like fermented foods to your everyday diet can seem like a chore at times.

Life gets busy or we just forget. Never fear, we’re here to help you out. Fermented foods are a great way to add probiotic goodness into your body, providing a wide range of benefits with each mouthful.

Here are five ways to add fermented foods into your everyday diet.


1. Use yoghurt instead of cream as a dessert topping

Let’s start off with one of the most delicious - yoghurt. While many may not place a unique food such as sauerkraut into the same category as yoghurt, both can be a probiotic-rich food, fermented for wellness.

Cream, although delightful, doesn’t boast as many nutritional benefits as yoghurt. When you’re plating a dessert up, add a dollop of low-sugar yoghurt as a light topping.

Another good thing about keeping a tub of yoghurt in your fridge is that you can also have it at the start of the day - topped onto cereal!

2. Use sauerkraut as a condiment

Some of us love to eat sauerkraut by the spoonful but for some, this might not be the case!

An easy way to remember to consume sauerkraut daily is to consider it as a condiment. Think of sauerkraut as a replacement for salt or alongside your usual sauces, over time you might find yourself reaching for a jar rather than the salt grinder.


3. Add kimchi to beef dishes

Koreans love to complement kimchi with beef. A stew with slow-cooked beef and a side of kimchi is a staple dish on many Korean restaurant’s menu - perfect to warm you inside and out!

If you eat meat having some fermented food can help your body digest whilst adding some rich flavours to the meal. 

4. Add sauerkraut to your smoothies

The smoothie trend has unleashed the most imaginative minds when it comes to smoothie ingredients. Putting kale into the blender has been normalised, and seeing someone walk around with a bright green shaker doesn't require a double-take.

Try adding a spoonful of sauerkraut to your smoothie. Blend well so that you aren’t left with clumps, and enjoy. You’ll be surprised at how it doesn’t taste too different, yet boosts your smoothie with so much more goodness!

5. Make burger patties with sauerkraut and kimchi

This last idea is inspired by one of our loyal customers, Crazy Cucumber. She created a vegan, gluten-free recipe using our Heartbeet Kraut to craft the patties. It’s an absolutely beautiful burger, and you can replicate it for a veggie-packed meal.

If you’d prefer a meatier option, mix some sauerkraut, kimchi or beetroot kraut into mince with some oil, onions, chives and egg yolk. Press together firmly into your desired shape and fry up.

Bon appetit!