What a whirlwind past few months! It feels as though the team here at Living Goodness have been run off our feet, packing boxes upon boxes of fermented foods for food shows!

At the start of this month, Fiona and Pete were lucky enough to go down to Tauranga for The Seriously Good Food Show. For two whole days, they let the people of Tauranga taste their sauerkraut and kimchi until their taste buds exploded in flavour (not literally).

It was fascinating to hear the exciting cook-offs happening quite close to our stall! Certainly, it made the crowds hungry because, by the end of it, testing pots of our fermented products were flying from our hands! Luckily, there was a coffee corner to keep the team going.

If you'd like to read more about the range of fermented foods, just read our newest page here - Fermented Foods 101.

So, what's next in store for the team? We'll be at the Auckland Food show from 27th July - 30th July so pop down and try some.