It's our second birthday and we're extremely excited! The last year has seen our New Zealand-based fermented foods business grow beyond our expectations.

The move into Rosebank Road in Avondale was a fantastic step, giving us the space to grow and produce more fermented goodness like Sassy Sauerkraut and Heartbeet Kraut. We’ve been stunned that our biggest seller in New Zealand is the Sum Yum Kimchi - Kiwis really love this spicy fermented dish!

We’ve employed some fantastic staff in the kitchen and to help with managing the stores – a huge thank you to them all for their input in developing Living Goodness as New Zealand's favourite fermented food brand.

An even bigger thank you to all our stores and customers who buy Living Goodness. We hope we can continue to grow and bring you tasty fermented foods.

Over the last few years, we've definitely seen a demand in the New Zealand market for fermented foods and probiotic products. Many people with dietary problems have reached out to us, letting us know how our fermented foods have helped their gut health immensely. It's a great feeling to be able to provide such a healthy, tasty product for hungry New Zealanders, and also spread awareness about how fermented foods should be a delicious staple in everyone's diet.

Lastly, in light of our birthday, we’ll be holding a Facebook competition and giving away a SECRET new product very soon! We can only say it's a new type of fermented food that you've not tried yet.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Living Goodness Facebook page to be in to win!